At Aptus Learning we are dedicated to giving students in grades K-12 the tools they need to discover more about who they are, set academic goals, and develop the literacy and self-regulation skills they need to succeed.

Who Are We
  • 5
    High school was very different from grade 8. I had to get organized, manage my time, set goals and maintain my average. Aptus Learning helped me with all that!
    Alex, grade 9
  • 5
    Now I know what I want to be "when I grow up" and I have the plan in place! Thanks Aptus Learning!
    Kaelyn, grade 12
  • 5
    I had it all wrong. Writing more was not the answer. It was communicating what was asked for, effectively. Thanks to Aptus Learning, I am now a pro at writing essays and making presentations - and my marks show it!
    Manuel, grade 11
  • 5
    I’m in an IB program and it’s very daunting. Aptus Learning helped me stay motivated and “keep my eyes on the prize".
    Alicia, grade 11
  • 5
    I lost my confidence in school by grade 8. Then, over the summer, Aptus Learning helped me get the tools and skills I needed to succeed in high school. My parents are very proud of me!
    Julia, grade 9
  • 5
    Aptus Learning gave me the tools I needed to succeed. It was a like a door opening into my future.
    Marc, grade 10

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